Think Big Company Sign

The signage that you use to announce the presence of your business, to attract and to inform customers needs to be not only designed to convey the right message, but also of the right size – any sign that is too small will go unnoticed, but signs that are too large will also fail to create the right impact.

Here are some things that you should know about sizing your signs:

  • Every space is different – each of the locations that will accommodate your signage has different features, therefore there is no golden rule about how to size your signage. The best way to figure out the right size is to use mock-ups that allow you to see what the final sign will look like in your interior or exterior space;
  • Consider the distance from which your signs will be viewed – this is especially important for signs that include text information as well. The general rule is to add about one inch of letter height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. For example, an outdoor sign that is looked at from 150 feet away, the ideal letter height is 15 inches, that is the size that offers the best readability.
  • For best results consult with a sign company Denver has locally for specifications that work best.