Bright Neon Business Sign Clean Readable Noticeable

Outdoor business signage is usually made from materials of the highest quality, but even these sturdy, durable materials need some maintenance to keep them attractive.

Here is why and how to clean your exterior building signs:

  • Consider your sign’s exposure to the elements – exterior business signs are in constant contact with the elements, which also means that the wind, the rain and the snow keep depositing dust and grime on the surfaces of your signs. To prevent having the attractive appearance of your signs compromised, your materials need to be inspected and cleaned every couple of months;
  • How to do it right – most materials used for making business signs can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and some soap water. Any dirt and dust turn into mud when in contact with water, so use the cloth to wipe off the dust and the dirt first, then wet the piece of cloth and wipe the sign to remove any dirt left. If you need to clean an illuminated sign, disconnect the sign before cleaning it;
  • Call a professional service for special signs – signs that are installed very high up and illuminated signs might benefit from professional cleaning and maintenance services from a sign shop Denver area has to offer.