Why Red Background Popular Sign Service Color Fast Food

A simple color weighs up to 90% in the consumer’s buying decision. Each color conveys its own message, having a strong effect on our subconscious, often more important than words. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them randomly. The colors of products and packaging must be chosen according to the effect they have on human perception and behavior.

Most fast food company logos include at least one red element.

Red logos tend to reflect a strong and energetic brand. It is a color associated with young people, with individuals full of life and daring. Also, red encourages buyers to make a purchase, being a call-to-action color (for example, many of the “Buy Now” buttons on websites are red).

Red is so popular in the fast-food logo industry not because it increases appetite, but precisely because it stimulates the mind and generates a vigorous response, attracting attention quickly. Besides, this color has been associated with the fast food industry for a long time – enough to become closely related to it.

In general, red logos are recommended for companies in the food, automotive, IT and agriculture industries. On the other hand, they are not recommended for the medical and household goods industries. Ask a sign service Denver company about the importance of color for your logo is important.