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Volumetric letters for exterior or interior can be made in different sizes, from different materials and represent an elegant way of advertising. In general, bigger is better because big letters are more visible.

However, there are several factors that influence their visibility.


In order to be easily seen from a distance, vertical lines should be about one-fifth the height of the letter. Horizontal lines may be slightly smaller.

These proportions apply to both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Distance between letters

Letters should not be visually attached to each other, as this makes it difficult to perceive the message correctly.


The distance between the letters is very important especially when they are seen from a certain angle, as it commonly happens outdoors.


The more lines the text has, the harder it will be to read it. With a single horizontal row, the gaze moves naturally, quickly and without interruptions. If, however, the design requires more than one row, then the distance between the rows becomes particularly important.

Distance between rows

The text must “breathe”, so you must ensure adequate distance between the lines, for maximum visibility, otherwise there will be a decrease in the ease of reading and implicitly of the visibility of the message.

To find out more talk with a sign shop Denver area to determine what is required for the type of sign you need.