Hotel Lighted Sign Business

Cabinet signs are still among the most popular types of signage – the large boxes illuminated from the inside mounted either above the store entrance or individually, on roadsides or in other strategic locations, are very much sought for these days.

Here are some of the benefits that cabinet signs can offer your Denver business:

  • Extraordinary visibility – the main role of business signage is to attract attention and lighted sign cabinets do an excellent job in that respect. Highly visible during the day and at night as well, cabinets attract the eye thanks to the illumination, helping you get the attention you need;
  • Memorability – lighted sign cabinets signal your company’s presence 24/7, even outside your business hours and they create a lasting memory in anyone passing by;
  • Durability – if you talk to your Denver sign company about the technical aspects of cabinet signs, you will find out that lighted cabinets use materials of the highest quality and LED illumination – a combination that ensures high durability and very low maintenance needs. You will be able to use your cabinet signs for years, even among the harsh weather conditions that are so typical for Denver.
  • The maintenance tasks required involve just occasional cleaning – the LED lights inside will last for over 50,000 hours.