Permits Inspections Licenses Codes Business Signs Regulations

Having a great sign from Greyhawk Signs installed outside your business location is an excellent efficient way to announce your presence and to attract customers to your business. If you are currently planning to get an exterior sign designed and executed, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the local zoning and permitting regulations that your sign must comply with.

The applicable permitting regulations can vary widely by the state, the town, even by the neighborhood, therefore you must always consult the particular laws for the place of installation, but here are some general rules that are usually common for all areas:

  • The size matters – while really small signage might not need permits, outdoor signs are usually quite large and they need to be authorized locally. For example, illuminated signs and monument signs can only be installed with a permit in most places;
  • Local regulations will determine many features – the regulations have paragraphs to regulate not only the acceptable size for outdoor signage, but also the colors, the types and many other features. Some districts, for example, do not allow illuminated signs, while others will have strict rules about where exterior signs can be installed;
  • How long it takes to obtain the permit – for simple projects, the permit can be obtained in a few days, but for complex signs that involve construction, a site inspection and an engineering review might also be necessary and that makes the process longer.