Design Your Brand Channel Letter Signs Company

Channel letter signage is everywhere these days, the solution being preferred by many businesses for the durability, elegance and versatility offered. Here are some important things to know about them:

  • What they are – a channel letter sign consists of numbers, characters or signs, installed either separately or in a design that links them or integrates them in a frame;
  • Where they are used – channel letters are used in building interiors as well as outdoors;
  • The materials they are made from – channel letters are usually made from a combination of materials, the fronts and the backs are most commonly made from acrylic, while the sides are usually made from aluminum;
  • Types of channel letter signs – channel letters are suitable for creating larger and smaller signage as well and businesses can choose from non-illuminated and lighted variants. Illuminated signs are usually lit from the back, with the help of LEDs;
  • Features that make channel letters so popular – the solution is suitable for displaying company names and important information in an attractive, eye-catching way and it is also very durable, with repair and maintenance requirements kept to the minimum. The materials used for making channel letters can endure heat and cold, sunshine, rain, snow and wind, therefore they can be used in any climate. For one of the best Channel Letter Sign companies see