Success Lighted Business Signs

Lighted business signs are types of signage that gives your business the highest level of visibility, especially after dark and they are also among the most attractive solutions that will make your business stand out as a company that pays attention to style.

If you are currently in the process of getting an illuminated sign designed, here are the best light types used with different types of lighted signage:

  • Light boxes – these signs consist of a box-like component that includes a front that displays graphics and light sources to illuminate the front from behind. The most common sources of light used are fluorescent lights and LED lights distributed on the entire surface of the back or only on the edges;
  • Illuminated channel letters – these signs are usually illuminated from the back, with LEDs;
  • Digital signs – this type consists of digital screens and are usually installed on monument signs;
  • Pylon signs – these signs are usually large and taller than the surrounding structures, to be seen from hundreds of feet away. Pylon signs are suitable for light boxes, channel letter signs as well as for digital screens;
  • Neon signs – the most traditional type of illuminated signage uses neon tubes to deliver light. For some of the best local sign companies look to for professional business signage.