company sign what it should say

The signage used by your company is usually the first thing that people notice when they pass by your shop, so your signage needs to fulfill multiple roles: to signal your presence to potential customers, to grab attention, to provide information and to convey your brand message. Here are some ideas to help create signs that can do all these:

  • Use the right type of information – each type of sign is suitable for displaying a different set of information. While all your signs need to include your company logo and need to use your brand’s colors, some types, such as channel letters, are suitable for displaying your company name and logo without additional information. If you want to display more details, such as your business address or your slogan, you will need posters, billboards, banners or A-frame signs;
  • The importance of quality – your potential customers will see the quality of the materials you use in your signage as indicatives of the quality of your products or services, so never use damaged business signs or signs that are executed from low-quality materials;
  • The personality of your business – using sign design that is consistent with the personality of your business is also essential. If your target audience resonates better with a classic design, use elegant lettering and soft colors in your signs; if they respond better to a trendy, relaxed image, you can get really bold and creative in your usage of colors and shapes.

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