things to consider sign business building material

If you are in the process of getting new outdoor Denver signs, your choice of material is very important.

Here are some of the most common and most durable materials used for manufacturing exterior building signs:

  • Aluminum – the material is lightweight, strong, durable and versatile, excellent for making attractive and long-lasting exterior signs. The material comes in different thickness gauges, .04, 0.80 and .125 being the most common options;
  • Vinyl – this popular option is affordable, durable and versatile. Vinyl can be used for making signs of almost any dimensions and suitable for using vivid colors that maintain their brightness over time;
  • Polyester – the material is the most commonly used for making feather flags that need to endure the elements;
  • Acryl – the material is also versatile and an excellent solution for attractive channel letters. Some signs use acryl in conjunction with aluminum for even more durability, for example in the case of illuminated box signs;
  • Dura-wood – made from a combination of recycled hardwood and plastics, dura-wood gives you the upclass appearance of natural wood and the durability of synthetic material. The material is suitable for creating signs of any size and for executing even the most sophisticated designs.