signs materials business advertising

Business signs are extremely varied advertising tools and the materials they can be made from are just as varied – here are some of the most common materials used:

  • Acrylic – also known as Plexiglass, acrylic is a strong and durable material, preferred for its versatility and its suitability for executing very sophisticated designs. The material comes in transparent variants as well as in colorful sheets;
  • Aluminum – the strong and lightweight metal is a great option for outdoor signs that need to endure the elements. Aluminum sheets can be painted and they are available with glossy enamel finishes that are baked onto the sheet surface for even more durability;
  • Fabric – fabrics are very popular and versatile materials that can be used for making a wide variety of signs, from flags and banners to canopies and tents. Fabric signage is also very durable and suitable for printing fine art and sophisticated designs;
  • Vinyl – another material that can be used to execute signs of any size in excellent image quality;
  • Illuminated signs from only the light source or made combining materials – lighted signs can be made using only neons or LEDs or they can also use and acryl, metal or plastic to provide the object to be illuminated.
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