What you need to know hanging business signs custom outdoor signage

Some types of business signs, such as channel letters and other types of large signage, need professional installation and are usually mounted by the company that executes them, but in some cases, business owners might want or have to install their own signs.

Here are some items that you will need to hang your own business sign:

  • Signs installed by the side of the road – these signs are usually installed by custom signs Denver area professionals, but if you need to install yours on your own, be prepared that you will need to drill holes in the ground for installing the poles, you will need the poles along with the screws and other fasteners as well as bracket kits for the poster or signage;
  • Outdoor signs – whatever type of outdoor signage you choose, it will probably come with a mounting kit that consists of the screws and brackets needed for the signage. You might also need a ladder, drills and screwdrivers for the process;
  • Indoor signage – this type of signage is the easiest to install. Some indoor signs come with installation kits, others, such as banners, feature holes through which they are hung with the help of cables. With some posters and banners, you will only need some tape to attach to the wall.