ASP cabinet signs lighted signs business

Lighted signs are advertising products that stand out through the diversity of solutions and aesthetic& functional possibilities.

Lighted signs can be boxes or known as lighted sign cabinets, volumetric letters, displays or prolights, in an infinite variety of shapes. Lighting function can be achieved in different ways: with classic lighting, TGS or LED, direct rear lighting or selective lighting, monochrome or dynamic polychrome lighting, halo effect etc.

Signs can be made of rigid support (plexiglass, aluminum) or flexible (backlit film, polylane backlit). They can be fixed to the wall or positioned with anchoring systems, in console or self-supporting.

Manufacturers create, build, modify, remodel, install and maintain a multitude of products included in what is known as “advertising SIGNS”. The diversity of materials and technical solutions, as well as the functionality and designs of the finished products make this category one of the most complex form of advertising.

Prices vary depending on factors such as the size of the sign, its complexity and the materials from which it is made. The average cost of a lighted custom sign in the US is $400-450.

You can save money on your lighted custom sign by choosing a manufacturer that offers discounts or by getting a simple design that can be updated later.