Many types of business signs used in outdoor environments can be installed only after a permit is obtained from the competent authorities and some municipalities and districts require permits for changing existing signs as well.

The process of obtaining the permit can be confusing, so here are some tips to prepare for it:

  • Do your homework even before you start designing your outdoor signage – zoning regulations differ not only from one town or city to the other, but also from one district to the next. The applicable regulations will have very clear rules about the size, the style, the features and the permitted location types, so you will need to be familiar with them all to be able to use signs that suit your business goals and are in compliance with local regulations as well;
  • Consult specialists – advertising agencies that provide business signage design solutions are usually familiar with the applicable regulations, so they are the experts to turn to for related information. Many agencies provide not only design services, but consultation as well, so if you schedule a meeting with an agency, you can probably find out all that you need to know about the permitting regulations applicable to the type of signage that you are planning to install, find out more at