Hanging a banner outside your business is an excellent way to grab the attention of passers-by and to encourage them to visit you. Here are some rules to have in mind when hanging your sign:

  • Consult applicable regulations – many neighborhoods and facilities have rules that determine the size, the type and the placement of business signage. Check with the local zoning authorities or the building management to find out whether there are such rules applicable where you want to hang your banner and make sure to comply with them;
  • Get your design right – your business sign design should reflect your brand’s personality. Put your logo on the banner, use the colors from the logo across the entire banner and make sure that the text elements, such as your website URL and your slogan are easily readable from a distance;
  • Maintain your banners – banners are usually made from durable materials that can resist to harsh sunshine, rain and snow, but all that stress can leave your signs covered in dust and dirt. Fortunately, banner materials are easy to clean, too – all you will need to restore the beauty of your banner is a little water, a mild detergent and a sponge. A durable and weather resistant exterior building signs near me search will get you talking with the right people experienced in business signs.