lighted sign mall interior message mock-up billboards cabinet

Lighted cabinets are among the most efficient, most versatile types of business signage – solutions that can be used for almost any advertising purpose. Also known as box signs, lighted sign cabinets are box-like advertising carriers that feature internal illumination for enhanced visibility. Here are the most common types of usage for these lighted box signs:

  • Businesses – the most obvious usage of lighted boxes is for businesses: these brightly lit cabinets are very efficient in signaling the presence of a business during the night as well as during the day. Lighted cabinets can be placed not only above the entrance of the business – they can be installed anywhere, such as next to important junctions, to inform passers-by about where they ca find a certain business;
  • Public buildings – churches, schools and hospitals also use lighted sign cabinets, usually boxes of larger dimensions, to make them visible from long distances;
  • Usage indoors – lighted sign cabinets are typically used outdoor, but they can do an excellent service indoors, too, being great tools for providing information as well as guidance. Some examples of usage include signs that provide directions inside stores or signs that signal the presence of a shop inside a shopping mall or a shopping center.