Vinyl Signage & Banners

The Best Vinyl Signs In Denver

Vinyl has been a mainstay of the sign industry since its invention in the 1930s. We use vinyl in everything, from storefront graphics to sign faces. Vinyl can provide an easy and convenient signage solution for your project, whether it be glass windows, stand-alone signs, or lighted signs.

Whatever you’re looking for, Greyhawk has the solution

Perforated Vinyl – Perforated Vinyl is vinyl that is filled with small holes mathematically spaced to allow as much light to pass through as possible. This allows for a “see-through” effect where what appears to be a full-coverage graphic from the outside is actually allowing the people inside to see out. It’s a great solution for those looking to maximize coverage without compromising visibility. 

High Performance Vinyl  High performance vinyl is intended to weather whatever life throws at it. It has a strong adhesive intended for usage in vehicle graphics, which makes it the ideal for storefront applications, windows, doors, and certain types of walls. High Performance comes in solid colors and is thicker than Translucent varieties.  

Translucent Vinyl   Translucent Vinyl is great for application on lighted signs. This is the vinyl that you will see on colored signs where acrylic is unavailable. Translucent comes in solid colors and is much thinner than high performance. This allows light to pass through more easily. 

Printed Vinyl – Printable vinyl is vinyl available in performance, translucent, or perforated form. It is specifically designed to be printed on using solvent or toner printers. This allows for a versatile vinyl that is useful in all applications, especially in cases where color gradients or photos need to translated to a wide format.