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Business signs play multiple, important roles – they are used to inform your customers about your location, about your brand’s values and your message. Your signage being such an essential and integral component of your branding process, there are many things that you should consider during your building signs Denver area design and execution phase. Here are some:

  • The location of your signs – the places where you will install your signs will determine the materials to be used, the size of the sign, the installation method as well as the maintenance requirements related to your signs. Outdoor signs need to be made from stronger, more resistant materials, such as metal or plastic, while interior sign can use cardboard or other, more sensitive materials;
  • Visibility – efficient business signs are not too large and not too small and they use the right colors that attract attention without being overwhelming. To achieve maximum visibility, pay special attention to the size of the text component in your sign – to determine the best font size, you can consult a font visibility chart and create a simulation using a large sheet of paper;
  • Enlist professional help – it is a good idea to create a few sketches of what you want your new signs to look like, then you can use those drawings to explain a signage design specialist what you want.