Top 3 Things Sign Company Neon Signage

Neon business signs are the best type of signage to capture attention – lights attract the eye wherever they are placed and lighted signage can be used to execute any design, suitable not only for simple signs, but for elaborate, complex signage as well. Here are some of the most important things to consider while when having your sign company design your neon signs:

  • Your location – the place where your sign will be installed is important because your signage will need to comply with local and state-level zoning and signage regulations and the location will also determine the size and the design of your sign;
  • Your industry segment – each segment has its own characteristic design features that resonate with the particular audience of the businesses in the industry. It is a good idea to check the signage design used by your competitors – you might find some great inspiration that way;
  • The climate area – your business sign needs to be designed to be able to stand up to the particular weather-related challenges in your area. Long, delicate lettering, for example, can be unsuitable for areas that get lots of strong storms and certain colors might be unsuitable for the prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV radiations.