Practical Denver Signs Solution

Directional signage is an important component in any set of signs used by marketers, an element that has not only an advertising value, but also a very practical role: that of pointing into the direction where your customers can find your signature products. Whether used in a public place or in a private location, such as your store premises or in the lobby of the office building where your company is headquartered, here are some tips to make your directional Denver signs informative and attractive at the same time:

  • Determine the types of signs that work best – the most common forms of indoor directional signage include banners, temporary signs, floor decals and murals, while the most popular types of outdoor directional signs include flags, window graphics, A-frame signs, flags and mounted signs. Digital options are also available for showing directions inside and outside – digital displays and touchscreen kiosks are the most common types;
  • Use a consistent design – the signs should include relevant product information and the location of the product, all the detailed wrapped into a design that is consistent with your overall business signage design;
  • Get the placement right – the ideal place for directional signage is where they can be viewed without obstructions. The best locations include wider aisles in your store and the area just around the entrance, before customers decide which way to go.