Greyhawk Signs New Commercial Building Business

Even if the building you want to buy is new, it does not mean that it was well designed or executed. There are many problems that some new buildings may have, such as undersized resistance structure, lack of minimum requirements for fire insulation, masonry without reinforced concrete, lack of building permits, basements made without a preliminary geotechnical study etc.

On the other hand, the old buildings are not safe either just because they withstood a couple of earthquakes during the time. In many cases, old buildings have not been consolidated for a long time, there are changes in interior partitions, not to mention the fact that concrete also has a limited life cycle.

Therefore, when you buy a building – new or old – you should consider technical assistance services. Here are the benefits that a consultant – other than a real estate agent – can bring you:

  • You will receive exact information about the building permits, the quality of the materials it is made from etc.
  • You will know if the project complies with the legal requirements
  • You will find out if the building is included in a category of buildings with seismic vulnerability
  • You will receive accurate information about the degree of degradation of the building, cracks, differentiated settlements, mold etc.
  • You will receive information about the possibilities and costs of expansion and consolidation
  • Upon request, urban limitations in the respective area can also be checked.

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