lighted welcome sign home shop Denver

1. Space

Standard house signs offer a traditional landscape silhouette, but you can get more creative than that, depending on the space you have around your front door. For example, you can design your sign to balance some decorative element on the other side of the door, or simply to make the area look more welcoming and functional.

2. What you want to communicate

A house sign typically communicates the address, therefore you should pick a visible font style and consider the space you will need for displaying all the relevant information.

3. Font style

Visibility is essential when it comes to the efficiency of a home sign, therefore you should opt for a contemporary font with an orientation and layout that makes the information easy to read.

4. Color

Considering that a house sign is a visible element, you should do your best to coordinate it with the colors that already exist on the exterior of your home. Take into account the shades across different design elements, such as the door, window frames, doormat, flowers in your front yard etc. Complementary colors will contribute to a sophisticated look.

5. Shape

The natural flow or your garden, the shape of the building or of other exterior elements – all contribute to the atmosphere outside your front door and should be designed by the sign shop Denver has near you. Choose a shape for your house sign that matches these unique features.