lighted sign business channel letters

Outdoor advertising signage is very helpful for communicating marketing messages. A simple display of a brand`s logo and/ or message on a billboard, mounted high-traffic area, can ensure success.

The role of an advertising campaign is important, complementing online marketing. A well-displayed channel letter sign will soon start to be found in the SEO campaign and be speculated by Google Search.

Tip: accept the opinion of specialists to be sure of the success of your campaigns!

  • You should choose a color that you have been using for other promotional materials. In this way, the client will the connection between them much more easily and get a bigger picture of your brand.
  • If you want visibility at night, you can use bright volumetric letters. The WOW effect is guaranteed.
  • Do not use heavy fonts. Nobody has time and mood, while passing on the street, to decipher advertising messages. If they are not written legibly, they will not be read. Use simple fonts. Readability of channel letter signs Denver area is very important.
  • Always pay attention to the contrast! Choose the color of the letters according to the color of the background they will be displayed on.
  • Use short messages. People do not have time to read a series of sentences on a wall, as they walk down the street. The message must be readable in seconds – as long as it takes people to pass the advertisement.