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According to researchers, people make subconscious judgments about a person, environment or product, in the first 90 seconds. Between 60% and 90% of this assessment is based exclusively on color. This means that a logo can directly determine a person’s decision to become a customer or not.

Large companies, when creating a logo, turn to the advice of designers and psychologists to choose the colors that have the greatest impact on the relationship with the consumer.

Here are some meanings of some colors and the consumer’s perception of them:

  • Red

Red expresses power, energy, vitality, action, passion and confidence. It blends best with white or black and is suitable for brands trying to create emergencies, such as sales, or to encourage impulse buying.

  • Green

Green expresses life, harmony, youth, freshness, health, novelty, evolution, luck, calm.

A logo in which green is the main color conveys the message that that company is ecological and ethical. It is an ideal choice for organic, vegetarian or environmental brands.

  • Blue

Blue expresses trust, loyalty, strength, stability, security, sincerity, trustworthiness. It is the most popular corporate color. It is often used by online companies and financial institutions.

  • Orange

An orange logo transmits the message that the business is friendly and cheerful. It is a suitable choice for brands that want to be seen as reliable, optimistic and confident.

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