Benefits Dimensional Lettering Greyhawk Signs

Dimensional letters are made of acrylic or aluminum and have a 3d design. We must note that this signage is typically lit from above or beneath. Foam, plastic, steel, or wood are various materials you can choose from for your signage. We need to note that the foam is intended exclusively for interior environments.

For dimensional letters, specialists recommend the use of half-inch acrylic materials. At any rate, dimensional letters are affordable and very efficient. When made with high-quality materials and professional workmanship, dimensional letters are appealing and long-lasting.

These signs from Greyhawk Signs in Denver can also be compelling for attracting more customers and turning your business into a more successful one. After all, most business owners want their message to get to their intended audience.

Two primary ways dimensional letters are produced are through flat cutting or channel letter forming. Flat-cut letters are cut by using a machine controlled by a computer and with the help of laser technology, water jets, etc.

Channel letters are made of plastic or metal and are usually glued or welded into symbols or letters with specific shapes. When making dimensional signs, you must consider details such as depth and the finish you want to match your business brand.