business man needs commercial sign designed

Do you want to become visible? Do you want to keep up with the competition? Do you want passers-by to notice your business? Do you want to stay in the minds of your customers? If the answer to these questions is yes, you can consider using lighted commercial signs Denver sign companies design for advertising. For example, by installing a light box or lighted channel letters, you will stand out, attract the attention of current or potential customers and add value to your business.

Lighted signs can be produced in various shapes, regardless of size and color.

The next big things in lighted signs include:

  • Backlit Banner face light boxes

This type of light box can be produced in very large sizes – up to 50 meters long or unlimited, by joining several rolls of backlit banner. They can be mounted on different types of constructions, on ceilings, or embedded in different furniture elements.

  • Illuminated totems

Illuminated totems are a major attraction through their generous size, high-intensity LED lighting and the multitude of accessories available. Whether they are used in an exhibition stand, in a high-traffic shopping mall or in an elegant showroom, illuminated totems cannot go unnoticed. Even though they can be 2 to 5 m high, they remain portable, easy to transport and install.

The numerous accessories available can transform illuminated totems into real multimedia stands for product presentation.