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Advertising is almost as old as humanity, the history of business signs going back to the same length of time. The first business signs were found in Ancient Greece and Rome – they used symbols to indicate the type of the activity of the business.

Business signs became more widespread during the Middle Ages and they kept evolving continuously, becoming more sophisticated and diverse in terms of aesthetics and design. By the 14th century, many countries had laws that required landlords and the owners of inns to place signs outside their building to indicate the purpose of their business. Business owners soon started to use their signs not only as a tool to signal presence, but also for advertising, adding short slogans or texts that expressed a call to action. By the 18th century, business signs came in a wide range of styles, artistic and creative solutions being used for attracting customers.

The industrial and technological developments of the 19th century made themselves felt in business signage design as well. Lighted signs emerged during the first decades of the century – the first illuminated signs used gas to fuel the light, then, after the light bulb had been invented and became widespread, electrical signs also appeared. The first decades of the 20th century saw the emergence of neon lights, these solutions being the dominant ones until the 1980’s when digital signs were also added to the palette of available options. So if you are looking for business signs Denver companies make it is a smart move to increase your presence within the retail community.