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Digital signage, often referred to as electronic signs, is the most modern and most efficient type of marketing materials used today. These Denver custom signs usually consist of a physical display, such as a large monitor placed in a strategically important place in a store, on which the marketer runs their own advertising materials, such as presentations of your products and services or how-to videos that provide help to customers to use the marketer’s products and services.

The fact that the materials used for advertising on such digital devices are in digital format makes these materials suitable for being used for online marketing purposes as well – here are the benefits of linking the two types of marketing efforts:

  • Cost saving – if you use the video materials created for your in-store digital campaign for your online marketing campaign, you can reduce the costs by hiring a sign service for creating digital materials once and using them on two different channels;
  • Great for creating a consistent brand image – using the same materials in your store and on your website or in other online advertising media will create a consistent brand image and will contribute to creating an easily recognizable brand for your company.