Decades Dimensional business signs lobby storefront street

Dimensional letters are among the most versatile types of signage, lobby signs Denver solutions that work for any business, in any area. Here are some of the most important benefits of using dimensional letters to signal your presence and attract visitors:

  • Excellent visibility – dimensional letters are usually large and they feature a design that allow for good readability;
  • Durability – dimensional letters are made from strong and resistant, durable materials, such as metals, including aluminum and steel and synthetic materials, such as acrylic, plastic and PVC that stand up to harsh weather without cracking or fading. Channel letters are also very easy to maintain – all that the owners need to take care of is occasional cleaning with some soap water and a sponge;
  • A professional look for your company – channel letters are suitable for creating unique, elegant designs that show your brand’s best face and impress everyone looking at your letters with your sense of style;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications alike – channel letters are suitable for announcing the presence of your business to passers-by in the street – you can also use them to strengthen your brand image inside your store or inside the building in which your store is located with numerous other shops.