owner wondering where to hang business signs for company

The two principle types of business signs Denver locations are indoor and outdoor signs. If you are currently trying to figure out where to put your signs, here are some things to know about the permitted and unpermitted locations:

  • Indoor signs – if your shop or business is operated in a shopping center or a mall, your lease contract will probably regulate the way that you can use signage inside the building, in the common areas, such as the corridors, but inside your shop, you can place your signage almost completely freely, paying attention to safety and aesthetic aspects;
  • Outdoor signs – the places that you can use to install your outdoor signs are strictly defined by local regulations, therefore it is very important to consult the relevant documentation before even starting the sign design process – if your business sign does not comply with local rules, you risk having to remove the sign and to pay a fine, too, so any such problem is best avoided. Local regulations will determine exactly not only the places where you can or cannot place your sign, but the permitted size of the structure, its distance from other structures, such as roads and many other important rules.