When it comes to promoting your small business, outdoor signs Denver shops design play a vital role in attracting potential customers and creating a memorable brand presence. Experts often recommend several types of outdoor signs that have been proven to work well for promoting startups and smaller businesses:

  • Sidewalk Signs (A-frames): These portable signs are placed on the sidewalk outside your business. They can display daily specials, promotions, or simply welcome messages. A-frames are versatile and can be easily changed to reflect current offers.
  • Channel Letter Signs: Channel letter signs are three-dimensional, individual letters or shapes that are often illuminated. They offer a professional and eye-catching way to display your business name and logo. These signs are highly customizable in terms of size, color, and lighting – most often featuring bright LED lights.
  • Banner Signs: These signs are versatile and cost-effective outdoor signage options. They can be hung on walls, fences, or between posts. Banners are great for temporary promotions, grand openings, or special events.
  • Monument Signs: They’re low-profile, ground-level signs typically made of durable materials like stone or brick. Monument signs offer a sophisticated and permanent way to showcase your business name and logo at the entrance, so they’re usually taken very seriously.
  • Hanging Signs: These signs are suspended from a bracket or frame attached to the exterior of your building. They can be an excellent choice for businesses located on pedestrian-friendly streets, drawing attention from passersby and bringing in a lot of new customers.