Promote Your Community & Events Using Outdoor Digital Signs


Get your community involved! Digital LED signage is attention grabbing, which gives you the perfect opportunity to let everyone know about your community achievements or upcoming events. With an outdoor digital display, you could:

  • Promote community events
  • Remind people to vote
  • Welcome visitors

Recognize Community Achievements

Having digital signs in your community will help you spread the word quickly, It is also a great option or complement to paper advertising. Your municipality takes advantage by going green and significantly decrease the amount of paper waste by promoting events digitally. If you have not already, we recommend installing outdoor digital signs in front of local schools and your main administrative buildings. These places often provide the most visibility and traffic for spreading news within communities.

Bring Awareness to Your Community With Digital Displays

Your digital municipality signs do not always have to be about promoting the community. Simple reminders and emergency announcements can be helpful to locals and passersby. If you have a fire or police departments near busy roads, take advantage of the location and install a digital municipality sign. These signs are perfect for:

  • Emergency information
  • Public service announcements
  • Friendly reminders like “Buckle up!”, “Slow down!”, or “Check your detector!”

Also, having digital signs in front of your emergency service buildings also brings attention to where they actually are located and can help make your community a safer place.

Installing Digital Signage in Your Community

If you want to get started with the best digital display for your municipality, partner up with a professional sign company. From acquiring permits to design & installation, Greyhawk Signs Company is an all-inclusive provider of custom signs, channel letter, and more.

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