Outdoor Lighted Sign Cabinet and Custom Lit Signs

One of the most popular signs in this high-tech age, a lighted sign cabinet or lightbox or a backlit sign, is typically a four-sided aluminum box with one or two sign faces. Aluminum sign cabinets are illuminated or “backlit” by either LED or fluorescent lights contained within the cabinet. These signs are ideal as an outdoor sign because of their size and visibility.

Denver Custom Outdoor Lighted Sign Cabinet

We are experts at creating and installing lighted sign cabinets and are ready to get yours up and running. We offer a large variety and different shapes and sizes. We can custom fabricate your sign just the way you want it. The “face” of your sign can be anything from simple lettering on a white background to color digital graphics.  We can also produce form faced sign cabinets and sign boxes with aluminum faces with push-through or routed letters. Your custom light boxes can be single-sided or double-sided, depending on your needs.

The Best in Illuminated Sign Cabinets in Denver Colorado

Most of our cabinet signs are illuminated with LEDs or fluorescent bulbs and come in various shapes and colors. A lighted sign box also makes the perfect monument sign. All of our illuminated sign cabinets are UL rated and meet or beat all local, state, and national standards.  All our extruded sign cabinets are custom made right here in Colorado precisely to your specifications and expectations.

Contact us today for a free on-site consultation and estimate on creating your lighted sign cabinet.

We also do signs with channel letters and dimensional letters, wall signs, neon signs, and more. 

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Why Use Lighted Signs?

Adding illuminated signs for your business can help you stand out, especially in areas with higher volume of traffic and competition. Whether using an indoor neon sign or adding bright exterior signs, your brand or logo will be easy for people to search for and find.

What Can You Add To Lighted Signs?

Businesses can create a display using different colors or lighting to highlight shop signage, both inside and outside of the building, during the day or even at night. LED lights can be installed to your specifications at your location- so connect with our team today to learn more about adding new lighted signs to your business!