Business Solutions LED Signs

Illuminated signs are arguably the most efficient types of business signage – whether it is a box sign, large channel letters or some other type of lighted signage, the solutions that use a light source stand out not only at night, but during the day as well and they attract attention like no other type of signage. If you have made up your mind to get lighted signs, LED lights are your best options from an LED signs Denver located business – the modern solution has recently taken the illumination source market by storm and they enjoy popularity for residential, commercial and advertising applications as well. Here are some of the most important benefits of using LEDs, rather than more conventional solutions:

  • Energy efficiency – LEDs are unique in terms of how efficiently they use energy. While conventional bulbs convert only around 20% of the electricity into light, LEDs transform 90% into light and only 10% into heat;
  • Durability – Good quality LEDs can work for up to even 100,000 hours non-stop;
  • Safety – LED lights are waterproof and resistant to impact and their ability to keep the generated heat to the minimum increases the safety of using illuminated signage in heat-sensitive environments;
  • Versatility – LED lights come in a variety of forms, from lights shapes like conventional bulbs to strings and sticks and their ability to change their color makes them even more versatile.