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Attractive, tasteful outdoor signage is essential for signaling the presence of your business and to invite customers to enter your shop. There are many ways to use outdoor signage to promote your brand – here are some:

–         Use lights – lighted sign cabinets, illuminated dimensional letters and neon signs are more effective than the signs that do not use light;

–         Choose your wording right – your outdoor signs might be large, but you should not crowd them with text. Use short phrases that convey a strong message, not more than 5-6 words, especially if your sign is passed by at speed;

–         Consider using car wraps – while the signs used above your entrance inform passers-by about the presence of your business, car wraps advertise your brand wherever the cars decorated go, serving as a great, efficient mobile advertisement carrier;

–         Minimalist signs work great – complicated fonts and ornamental signage design might reflect your brand’s personality, but such elaborate signs are usually difficult to read, therefore informativity might be diminished. Minimalist designs that use simple, elegant fonts, such as sans-serif typefaces, and that feature a balanced contrast between the font or logo and the background are easier to read, therefore more efficient in attracting customers to your premises. Look to signage professionals in your area for some of the best in design at for your business promotion.