lighted signs things you should know

Lighted business signs are advanced signage solutions that come with lots of benefits. Check out these perks to see whether it is a good idea to add lighting to your sign, too:

  • Superior visibility – high visibility is essential for any signage, especially in areas with lots of competition. Lighted signs are hard to miss, they make the business they belong to stand out day and night;
  • Low maintenance and energy needs – modern illuminated signs use strong and durable materials, such as aluminum or acryl, and LED lights that can last for around 50,000 hours and consume only about 20% of the energy used by conventional light sources. Your new lighted signage will not require any special maintenance, other than regular cleaning, of course, and will serve you well for long years without increasing your energy bills;
  • Customization and versatility – whatever your signage design requirements and ideas, they can surely be executed to your exact specifications. Lighted signs Denver area come in a wide range of types, from lightbox signs to channel letters and from pylon signs to digital displays that can be used to run your business videos and to share useful information about your product range or locations.