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A new business sign helps with your efforts to build brand awareness and to boost your sales, but to be able to make the most of your new Denver custom signs, you need to choose the location as carefully as you chose the colors, shapes and text that appear on the sign.

Here are some tips about how to mount your hanging sign for maximum impact:

  • Choose the right location – pick a place of maximum visibility. To find the right location, walk around the store and look at the space with the eyes of a customer, trying to figure out where the sign will make maximum impact. Consider aspects of height – the best way is to hang the sign slightly above eye level;
  • Familiarize yourself with the hanging method and the accessories that come with your sign – there are various methods used for hanging signs. Some signs use grommets, others have simple holes or pole pockets to make hanging easier. To hang your sign from the ceiling, you will need hanging clips and nylon ropes, while installation on a wall will require suction cups or Velcro adhesive strips. If you want to place the sign on a metal surface, you can use small, but strong magnets as well.