Refresh New Signs Business Summer Fun

Summer is here, with sunshine, heat, fun and relaxation for everyone, your business included. The hot months come with unique opportunities for business growth and fresh starts – here are some that you should not miss and tips to prepare for them:

  • Plan ahead for the holidays – the summer period has Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, three major holidays celebrated with festivals, fairs and parties. Start figuring out how to make the most of the events, how to include the themes into your marketing materials and how to include the new, themed merchandize into your inventory;
  • Host an event – this technique might require a bit of an effort and investment on your side, but inviting your audience to a picnic in a nearby park or to your premises is a great way to get closer to your customers and partners. The costs of hosting such an event do not have to be high and they are tax deductible, too;
  • Hold contests – summer is also a time for sporting events, offering great opportunities to attract sports fans. Pick the most important events and hold themed contests to guess the winners of local, state-level or national sporting events and offer prizes from your typical product range to increase your base of loyal customers. Have a contest to create new Denver signs that promote your business even further.