company sign that draws attention

Whether you use your commercial sign in the digital environment, adding it on your website pages and in your emails, or you use signage inside and outside your physical shop, your signs are essential components for grabbing the attention of customers as well as for making your business stand out in your industry. Here are some sign company Denver area tips about how to use your signs with maximum efficiency:

  • Get the design right – the colors, the shapes, the proportion between graphic components and text are all important. Choose the colors that match your brand identity as well as the preferences of your target audience and ensure proper readability by using contrast between text and background;
  • Find the right places for your signage – it is not enough to create an attractive design for your signs – you also need to place them strategically, especially in the case of physical signs. Make sure that your signs are of the right size and placed at the right height for maximum visibility;
  • Use lighted signage – signs made partially or entirely from neon lights or that use other types of light source, such as LEDs are more effective than signage that does not use illumination. Backlit lettering is especially trendy.