LED signs design company

LED signs are among the most popular business sign types, preferred by all types of businesses for their extraordinary durability, their high visibility and their versatility. If you are currently considering getting LED signs for your business, here are some aspects to pay attention to create an effective design:

  • Sizing – LED signs can be used to execute any design, they are suitable for any type of font. When designing your sign, pay attention to font size – lettering that is too small will fail to grab attention, but letters that are too large might not be right either. To determine the right size for your sign and for the lettering in it, you can consult a letter visibility chart online;
  • Find the balance between readability and brightness – the two features are not interchangeable and brighter signs are not more legible, so try to find the right balance;
  • Consult professionals – it is important to take the time to sketch your ideas and to figure out what you want, but LED signs Denver design professionals probably have more experience in creating attractive and efficient LED signs, so schedule a meeting with a design expert and discuss your sketches and ideas with that specialist for best results.