Greyhawk Signs design company

Your business signs are as much part of your brand image as the quality of your products – here is how to use your sign to enrich your brand image in a way that does not disappoint your customers:

  • Pay attention to consistently high quality – your signs can help with your branding efforts only if your products fulfill the expectations created with your signs, so having a product that delivers consistent quality is essential;
  • Use color psychology – business signs consist of text, shapes and colors. Each color carries a different emotion and attitude, each shade used in your sign will convey a different message. To be able to figure out the hues that best represent your brand and your mission as a company, carry out a little research into color psychology and use colors that also look great together;
  • Research the right materials – metal, wood, acrylic, cardboard and LEDs are just a few of the materials commonly used for executing physical business signs. Your choice of material should be determined by your budget, the complexity of your design as well as by the location of your signs and sign materials come with different maintenance needs and durability as well.

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