Design Brand Business Signs Create Promote

Today, there are many ways available for businesses to attract the attention of potential customers, the methods that work the best being the ones that use business signs. A good business sign is one that reflects the personality of the business and that adds a bit of playfulness and fun, too. Here is how to create fun signs Denver shop owners and promote your business:

  • Play with word – adding humor is a great way to make your business sign more memorable and for establishing your business that is serious when it comes to quality, but that is also relaxed and approachable;
  • Use bright colors – contrasting colors or a palette of pastel hues with one bright color to create contrast is another great way to back up your fun slogan with fun design;
  • Place your signs strategically – location is essential for your signage, whether used indoors or outdoors. When picking the spots where you install your signs, consider visibility from the typical distance between your potential customers and the sign;
  • Size and visibility – the size of the sign and the fonts used on it is also essential. To get them right, use maximum two, simple, elegant, sans-serif fonts and an online size calculator to get help with the ideal dimensions.