lobby signs design create

According to the statistics, the companies that have their business sign displayed in their lobby or behind their reception desk are perceived as more successful and more reliable than the companies that do not use such signs to welcome their guests. The positive impression created with the help of your business sign in the lobby can be further enhanced if you use the sign correctly and for maximum impact – here are some tips:

  • Get the size right – a sign that is too large will dominate the area and will distract the attention from the other features of your lobby, while a sign that is too small will go unnoticed. Try to figure out the right size – if you want, you can use a large sheet of paper to simulate what your lobby sign will look like in real life;
  • Use the right material – lobby signs Denver businesses have do not need to endure harsh circumstances, such as storms and UV rays and they are not threatened by vandalism either, so the materials available come in a very wide range. When choosing your material, consider the identity of your brand, the colors to be used, maintenance needs as well as your budget.