Signage Right Size Attract Customers Signs Outdoor Business

Whether you are planning to get dimensional letters, sign cabinets, banners, flags or other types of signage, using signs of the right size is essential – no matter how attractive, informative and creative your signage design, it will go unnoticed if your signs are too small and will be too in-the-face if they are too large. Here are some things to know about determining the correct sign size:

  • Distance and speed are both important – the two factors that should determine sizing are the typical distance from which your sign will be looked at as well as the speed of the typical passer-by. You should add 1 inch to your letters with every 10 feet of distance, meaning that with a typical viewing distance of 150 feet, your sign will need to be at least 15 inches tall; if your sign will be viewed by people passing by in cars, you will need to increase your signage size by more;
  • Letter type – ornamental or very creative lettering is more difficult to read, therefore you will need to get larger letters if your text uses complicated fonts;
  • Color scheme – well-defined contours and good contrast are two important features that aid readability and can ensure efficiency even with smaller signs. Be sure to find the best in Outdoor Signage with Greyhawk Signs convienently located in Denver.