how much to spend channel letter business signs

Given the economic and financial conditions that many companies are facing these days, one of the most important aspects in choosing channel letter signs, is the price. How much should you be spending on channel letter signs ultimately depends on your budget and preferences.

Therefore, in order for channel letter signs service providers to be able to make you a correct price offer, you will have to give them certain specifications. First of all, the specifications regarding the location where these letters will have to be mounted, such as: graphics (graphic identity, in vector format), dimensions, as well as pictures from your location. The price will be higher or lower also depending on the materials from which channel letter signs are made. You can choose between Plexiglas, PVC, sheet metal, stainless steel or a combination of materials.

Volumetric polystyrene letters are the most affordable. You can make letters, logos or various shapes from extruded polystyrene with high density and fine grain, computer-cut with great precision. Volumetric polystyrene letters can be painted using various solutions resistant to UV radiation and weather. Mounting these letters is quick, easy, and does not require drilling walls or other complicated operations. Execution prices are calculated for each work separately, depending on the thickness of the polystyrene used and the complexity of the fonts. Get the pricing that works for you at