Business Signs Costs

The national average for business sign costs is $424, the typical range being between $165-$710. However, the actual price that you will pay for your signs is determined by lots of factors – here are some:

  • The location of the sign – indoor signs usually cost less than outdoor signage, the difference being accounted for by the differences in terms of material quality – outdoor signs need to be able to endure the elements, therefore they need to be made from more durable materials than indoor signage;
  • Sign type – while simple posters and A-frame signs are among the cheapest options, while large, illuminated signs and robust monument signs are the most expensive solutions;
  • The material of the sign – fabric and cardboard are the two most affordable signage materials, followed in the line by plywood and punched metal boards and with neon and LED signage being next. The most expensive solutions are awning signs, especially the units that feature complicated hardware and monument signs, especially the ones that use digital features or are built from natural stone;
  • Services – the most cost-efficient way to get business signs Denver area is to find a partner that can handle the design, the manufacturing, the installation, the repair as well as the maintenance of the sign or signs.