sign company slogan helpful tips

While there are no hard and fast rules about the length of taglines, but there are some important practical aspects to consider when formulating business slogans. Sign Companies like Greyhawk Signs agree that a right to the point and shorter slogan is good for signage. Here are some:

  • Consider your message – it is true that your tagline should be kept short, comprising a maximum of 8 words, but the message you want to convey with it is more important. Having a clear vision is essential for being able to formulate the right slogan, so start the process by making a list with keywords that reflect your brand’s personality, then go through your list again and again, until you are left with only a few of the most suggestive terms;
  • Consider where you will use the tagline – the shorter your tagline, the more readable it will be and the more space you will have on your signage to add graphic elements;
  • Avoid overused phrases – a tagline such as “Outstanding service” might be short, but it does not have any personality and it fails to evoke any emotions. It may seem odd, but short phrases actually give more space to playfulness and originality. To see whether your new tagline works, try to test it on as many people as you can – who knows, your friends and team members might be able to come up with some ingenious ideas.