streamline sign business shorter build process

Business signs come in a very wide range, from simple lettering glued to cardboard to the most complex digital displays, the time it takes to build the sign depending on the complexity as well as on lots of other factors. Here are some things that you should know about the duration of common project phases:

  • The development of the concept – this stage usually lasts from a couple of weeks to a few months and it involves the process of allocating a budget, assigning the persons in charge of the project and the formulation of basic requirements;
  • Finding the right Denver custom signs company – this phase usually takes another month and it consists of identifying, contacting and interviewing available signage companies to design and execute the signs;
  • The design phase – depending on the complexity of the project, this phase involves site inspections, the checking of zoning and other regulations that must be observed and the elaboration of the first drafts, then of the final design;
  • The permitting phase – if the sign requires a permit, the process of obtaining it can add weeks or even months to the total lead time;
  • The manufacturing phase – this phase can last for about a month in the case of complex channel letters, but it is usually shorter for more simple signs;
  • The installation – this process usually takes a couple of days.