lighted sign commercial sale foot traffic

Lighted signs first became popular in the 1980’s and they haven’t lost their popularity for a single minute since then. The reason for that ongoing acclaim is simple: lighted signs, whether they use neon lights or other sources of light, attract attention more efficiently than the signs that do not use illumination and they are more efficient in guiding customer behavior as well. Here is why lighted signs Denver designers are so efficient in driving foot traffic:

  • Inviting signs that strike up curiosity – a lighted sign is hard to miss and hard to resist, too, so it is the best choice to use in your shop window or above the entrance door to your restaurant;
  • Great for getting creative – you can transform any design into a lighted sign, so you are free to create a funny, intriguing, very colorful or stylishly toned-down sign to speak directly to your audience, it all depends on your brand image;
  • Affordable solutions – lighted signs don’t cost an arm and a leg, therefore you can get several signs installed inside and outside your shop to achieve the desired impact. You can also use seasonal signs to invite potential customers to check out your promotions or contests.