Make Your City or Town a More Welcoming Place to Be


Digital signs are designed for creating a great first impression, and many municipalities have already discovered how significant their impact can be. From influencing event participation to public service announcements, digital signs can help drive your overall community involvement.

Here are some ideas of the message you can display:

  • Hours of operation
  • Emergency notices
  • Upcoming events
  • Current time & temperature

Best Uses for Digital Municipality Signage

The more care you put into your public works, the more likely residents are to use them. These places for your community should be welcoming, and a digital sign is an excellent form to make that statement.

Places like libraries, parks, and schools could use a little help for additional activity. Your local library, for instance, might not be as active as you would like. A digital sign can be the ideal signage solution that draws the community back in. Your sign could display a message like “Book Club meetings every Saturday at 3 PM,” or you could use it to advertise new book releases that are now available for borrowing. In a similar manner, a digital sign can act as a perfect welcoming item at the front of your municipal park. Park hours and any events or gatherings that may be coming up can be displayed on a digital sign.

Digital technology has also been appreciated by fire and police stations for the ability to quickly broadcast vital safety messages to a large area and can serve as a public safety tool to alert the community about emergency situations.

Stay tuned to learn more about what digitals signs can do for your community. If you need digital signage in Colorado, please contact Front Greyhawk Signs Company. Let us offer your community the benefits of digital signs with our high-impact, high-visibility signage options and in-depth knowledge of zoning laws and standardized requirements.